Synthetic to Human; Guide for beginners to get their synthetic wig looking natural.

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We've all had a fair share of hair dilemnas. I've had so many i lost count. Back in 2013 when I would wear synthetic wigs, the lace was very thick and the hair would matte as soon as it come out of the package. However, I still made it work. Here's a few tips that i've learned over the course of years to get my wig to look human. How to pluck my Synthetic Wig



You need to know what type of lace you're dealing with so you can have an idea of how natural your wig will look. Treasures at Nelle's offers two styles of lace. Swiss or Double

Swiss Lace: Melts in your scalp, thin, blends, more natural. For experienced wig wearer

Double Lace: 1inch of hair lining is thin, the remaining lace is paired with a fake scalp. Cheaper in price, still can melt. The Judy Pink wig (see above picture) is double lace. Exactly you cant tell. That's the point of it all. For Beginners


You want to make sure you pluck the parting really natural. If it's a middle part, pluck on each side, do not pluck the same side at one time. It should be pluck left, pluck right, pluck left, pluck right. Etc. You should be able to see the extra hairs in the parting you want to clear. These are the hairs you are plucking. 

  • TIP 3: STYLE

Your styling tools matter. *These products are needed for Treasures at Nelle's synthetic wigs*

1. hot comb/ curling wand- flatten the top of your wig by the parting area

2. Holding spray- use spray to hold hair in place

3. feather comb/wig brush- comb or brush curls for a fuller look

4. pomade stick or got 2 b glue gel- use for baby hairs *after you apply your wig*

  • TIP 4: APPLY

This is highly important. Adjust your wig straps in the back to determine how tight you want your wig, this also helps tighten the lace to lay flatter. 

When you apply your wig, there should be a wigcomb on each side of your head by your ear. Make sure these are stretch apart and tucked in your wig cap or braids. This also helps the wig not to move and your lace to stay in place with no glue required. 

These are the 4 tips that I use daily to get my synthetic wig to look human. Follow us on instagram to see replay videos of me styling and applying my wigs.