Buy more and Save more! Spend $100 get 5% OFF code GET100 Spend $150 get 7% OFF Code GET150, Spend $200 get 10% OFF Code GET200
Buy more and Save more! Spend $100 get 5% OFF code GET100 Spend $150 get 7% OFF Code GET150, Spend $200 get 10% OFF Code GET200
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About Us

Hello #TreasureBeau my name is Shanelle Phipps, I am the Founder and Owner of Treasures at Nelle’s. T.A.N originally started in 2015, as a human hair and clothing company. During this time, I was going to school for Business, so my mind was fresh and experience was low. I realized my product was needed but very expensive. I'm surrounded by college kids on a budget, so selling human hair really didnt go so well. I started styling hair to get by not being consistent with selling clothes, because I was juggling working, going to school,and extra-curricular activities. Fast forward to 2017 the year I graduated, I moved back to Chicago, IL where I had to find a minimum wage job, stopped doing hair, and lost motivation. The following year, I end up getting pregnant, now I'm really like omg,something has to give. I'm working a job I hate, I feel as though school was a waste , I felt unloved yet here I am carrying the biggest blessing of my life. During the year of 2018, I self-reflected, lost friends, gotten closer to God and found my purpose. As a hobby, I would buy cheap wigs and turn them into $600 styles. I received so much positive feedback that I wanted to share my gift and this feeling with the world. In my most vulnerable state, lowest, here I am feeling beautiful, and Luxurious throught it all. BUT GOD! The entire year of 2019 I searched high and low for vendors, so that my customers can have the BEST QUALITY synthetic wig. Treasures at Nelle's Launched November 2019 with synthetic wigs,and styles that you can't find at your local beauty Supply. Our goal is to give supporters on a budget a luxury feel when it comes to their hair. Are you tired of spending hundreds of dollars on Human Lace Wigs? Our synthetic lace wigs will give you the same look for a low price.

'It's not human hair. It's Treasures at Nelle's!

"We Treasure Your Beauty"
to sell quality synthetic wigs, that mimic human hair wigs, at affordable pricing. Giving our customers the feeling of luxury when taking photos and going out.
To give customers a smile they once lost, to provide a feeling of luxury around the world.